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Prefabricated bathrooms

146 prefabricated bathrooms for Von-Steuben-Strasse in Münster

The success of the project has shown that micro-apartments with a size of 20-40 sqm are in great demand in Münster. The newly created 247 high-quality furnished apartments and 39 underground parking spaces will be built on Von-Steuben-Straße not far from the train station.

The apartments provide a central base for commuters, project workers and singles, as well as students and university employees. For the client, the capital investment convinces not only with the all-round rental package but also with the well thought-out rental pool concept. Apartments from the Pure Life micro-apartment series combine the desire for a good financial investment and investment in the future with the search for an attractive return with a stable increase in value. With 146 prefabricated bathrooms, HBS Hellweg-Badsysteme is making its own contribution to the success story.

„Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ s modulovými koupelnami HBS

„Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ s modulovými koupelnami HBS

Dům s pečovatelskou službou / „Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ s modulovými koupelnami HBS

„Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ vybudovalo ve Stuttgartu-Plieningen centrum pro seniory s pečovatelským domem se 45 pokoji a 26 byty s bezbariérovými modulovými koupelnami HBS.

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