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HBS tower module

Prefabricated bathrooms for the extension building

We have developed our HBS towers for refurbishment and modernization projects in which existing areas are to be expanded with a bathroom or additional room. This can be the case in the hospital and care sector, but also in residential construction. HBS towers form a self-supporting, free-standing structure or one set in front of the facade.

The bathrooms are completely prefabricated and equipped with tiles and objects. This constructive solution enables undisturbed living during the construction work. Only at the end of the construction work will the connection between the tower and the old living space be established. The supply and disposal lines will be laid outside the old structure. This saves the nuisance of installation work inside the house. Depending on the size and design, the weight of our tower components is between 10 and 16 tons.

HBS room module

Complete residential units for hotels and residential construction

Complete room units for hotels, housing and prisons

HBS offers the production of complete room modules. This means that the entire room unit, including the bathroom, is produced and delivered turnkey. The bathroom and living room, including furnishings, can be completely prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site. Short construction times and an optimal price/performance ratio characterize the modular design.

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

The Stuttgart settlement company built a senior center with a nursing home with 45 rooms and 26 serviced apartments in Stuttgart-Plieningen. with barrier-free HBS prefabricated bathrooms.

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