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Am Hoppenhof 32
33104 Paderborn
Deutschland / Germany

Fon: +49 52 51 5 40 76-0
Fax: +49 52 51 / 5 40 76-50

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The customer in focus

The customer is the focus of our actions. His satisfaction is our ultimate goal. So that you can find the solution to your problem quickly, we have put together all the experts in the various areas at a glance for you on this page. Get in touch with the contact person you trust and benefit from qualified and motivated employees.

Managing director

Jürgen Tillmann
Jürgen Tillmann
+49 5251 54076-21

Sales Manager

Hubertus Strüder
Hubertus Strüder
+49 5251 50896-342
   +49 171 304 78 20

Purchasing Manager

Tomáš Jílek
Tomáš Jílek
+420 602 286 063


Denise Büttner
Denise Büttner
+49 6235 930-250


Our services. Our values.

We do more! This is the motto of our new image film. Experience what makes HEBERGER special and what distinguishes us from other companies on the market.

„Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ s modulovými koupelnami HBS

„Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ s modulovými koupelnami HBS

Dům s pečovatelskou službou / „Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ s modulovými koupelnami HBS

„Siedlungswerk Stuttgart“ vybudovalo ve Stuttgartu-Plieningen centrum pro seniory s pečovatelským domem se 45 pokoji a 26 byty s bezbariérovými modulovými koupelnami HBS.

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