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Compact concrete bathrooms

Our compact prefabricated bathrooms made of concrete are ideal for all new buildings in which large numbers of bathrooms of the same type are required. Using specially manufactured steel formwork, wall, ceiling and floor elements are concreted and then joined together. This creates an extremely robust and torsion-resistant cube. The bathrooms are tiled and fully equipped in the factory. They are then delivered to the construction site ready to use and assembled floor by floor from above in the course of the shell construction. Depending on the size and design, our concrete pools weigh between 700 – 950 kg/m2

Prefabricated concrete bathrooms from our company:

  • are individual and are manufactured completely according to your wishes and specifications.
  • are extremely robust and durable.
  • can adopt any physical building requirements with regard to fire and noise protection.
  • convince with the highest quality.
  • have an extremely economical price-performance ratio.



floor construction


Concrete floor slabs

The floor slabs of the compact prefabricated bathrooms are made of water-impermeable concrete in special molds like a tub. The floor-level showers, with any slope, can be manufactured easily and extremely inexpensively. A fully DIN-compliant composite sealing system in combination with a waterproof concrete floor ensures absolute watertightness.

wall construction


Walls made of normal or lightweight concrete

The walls of our prefabricated concrete pool are made of steel-rated normal or lightweight concrete. The normal wall thickness is only 50mm. The room-side exterior wall surfaces of the bathrooms can be reused immediately. Additional sheathing or cladding, e.g. with drywall panels, is not required.

ceiling construction


Ceilings made of normal or lightweight concrete

Our ceiling structures are made of steel-reinforced concrete or lightweight concrete. Depending on your individual planning, HBS prefabricated bathrooms can be made floor-to-ceiling, with a suspended ceiling for supply and disposal lines, or for use as permanent formwork.


Fertigbäder Lieferung

Precisely scheduled and coordinated according to the progress of construction

All of our bathrooms are delivered to the construction site by truck, protected from the weather. The bathrooms will be made available on a precisely timed basis according to agreed position and floor plans and according to the progress of construction. The bathrooms are placed at their destination with the help of a construction site or mobile crane. Even installation in an already completed shell is possible without any problems by sliding the bathrooms in from the side. Depending on the type of installation, up to 40 bathrooms can be moved every day.



HBS prefabricated bathrooms are manufactured completely individually

Builders and planners thus have the opportunity to implement their individual wishes in terms of dimensions, equipment and visual appearance with almost no restrictions. Anything is possible, from a simple but functional standard to a 5-star luxury bathroom.

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Hubertus Strüder
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Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

The Stuttgart settlement company built a senior center with a nursing home with 45 rooms and 26 serviced apartments in Stuttgart-Plieningen. with barrier-free HBS prefabricated bathrooms.

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