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HBS - Compliance

HBS Hellweg Badsysteme has realised a large number of outstanding projects in recent years. These past and present experiences are the basis for our future requirements.

The new Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) came into force on 2 July 2023. The text of the law can be viewed by anyone on the Internet via the Federal Gazette. This law places a number of new obligations on our company. Accordingly, we have set up an internal reporting centre for internal and external reports.

If you have any problems or a complaint, you are welcome to contact our internal reporting centre, the Chief Compliance Officer, at any time, who will deal with incoming reports in confidence and process them. Your concern will, of course, be treated confidentially in accordance with legal requirements. We would like to point out at this point that false and/or abusive reports invalidate the whistleblower protection and can be sanctioned accordingly.

We always ensure compliance with our guidelines, the applicable laws and standards and our internal requirements. Our current Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines for all our employees to follow in their actions. The current Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the link below.

These guidelines are not only practised within the company, but also in our collaboration with our customers and partners. It is important to us that problems are communicated openly and solutions are worked out together.

Internal HBS registration office:

Chief Compliance Officer
Markéta Prokopová
+420 702 253 331

Ing. Pavel,
+420 728 225 674

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Hubertus Strüder
Hubertus Strüder
Vertriebsleiter/Sales Manager

+49 171 304 78 20

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

The Stuttgart settlement company built a senior center with a nursing home with 45 rooms and 26 serviced apartments in Stuttgart-Plieningen. with barrier-free HBS prefabricated bathrooms.

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