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The prefabricated bathroom is an inexpensive alternative to the conventional bathroom

No matter what requirements you place on a prefabricated bathroom – practically modern or upscale exclusive – we design according to your specifications and clarify the technical details with the specialist planners on site.

Your benefits


Warranty from a single source

All ten trades within the prefabricated bathroom are in one hand. Only one partner for all questions.


High quality standard

The standard industrial prefabrication guarantees a high quality standard.

Construction time reduction

Parallel to the execution of the local structural work, the production of the bathrooms begins in the factory. On average, 20% of the entire construction time can be saved.


Cost cutting

The coordination and supervision of the bathroom installation is also entirely in our hands on site. In this way we relieve the local build manager.


Planning simplification

The team of Hellweg Badsysteme is a competent partner when it comes to prefabricated bathrooms. We take over the planning for you, the execution drawings, the clarification of technical details and advise you on the selection of materials.


Fixed Price Guarantee

Our prices are fixed prices. The product's scope of services is specified before the start of series production and you are guaranteed it for the construction period.


Appointment guarantee

Deadlines are our business. We guarantee timely delivery parallel to the respective construction progress.

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Hubertus Strüder
Hubertus Strüder
Vertriebsleiter/Sales Manager

+49 171 304 78 20

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

Nursing home -siedlungswerk Stuttgart with HBS prefabricated bathrooms

The Stuttgart settlement company built a senior center with a nursing home with 45 rooms and 26 serviced apartments in Stuttgart-Plieningen. with barrier-free HBS prefabricated bathrooms.

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